True Windows

Aluclad Systems

Inside timber, outside aluminium: a perfect fusion of nature and engineering.

All of our windows can be produced with Alucladding. We use a profiled aluwood system from a german manufacturer (Bug Alutechnik GMBH).

This process combines the natural, comfortable living ambience of a timber frame window on the inside with the weather resistance of an aluminium window on the outside. The aluminium cover mould protects the timber from the elements. Furthermore, aluminium makes tiresome painting obsolete so that you can enjoy the extreme longevity of your windows without tedious annual maintenance. An ideal solution for the private and commercial sectors, for construction and for renovation projects.

1. Triple-laminated pine or meranti timber with a combined thickness of 68 mm

2. Pleasing external siding with rounded edges, with the necessary ventilation at the rear. Available in all RAL colours.

3. Thermal insulation glazing with a u-value of 1.1. Sound insulation glass, burglary resistant panes

4. Permanently elastic sealant internally and externally

5. Wood surface treated with acrylic paint; paint thickness 150 um

6. Aluminium drip moulding provides drainage to the outside

7. Concealed metal fittings and colour-coordinated cover caps

8. Double. all-around seal