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Larches are conifers in the genus Larix, in the family Pinaceae. They are native to much of the cooler temperate northern hemisphere, on lowlands in the far north, and high on mountains further south.

They are deciduous trees, growing from 15-50 m tall.

Larch is a wood valued in for its tough, waterproof and durable qualities; top quality knot-free timber is in great demand for building yachts and other small boats. Larch has also been used in herbal medicine; see Bach flower remedies for details.

In central Europe larch is viewed as one of the best wood materials for the building of residences.

We believe Larch to be potentially one of the best materials for Windows and Doors in Ireland. However, the same trait that makes Larch so durable also brings an issue. The sap capillaries in Larch are small and numerous making it extremely water resistant, but should the timber be coated with a dark coloured finish, the strength of direct sunlight in Ireland can induce the capillaries to weep small amounts of Sap. While this can be unsightly, it has no effect on the preformance of the window.

In order to avoid this issue, True Windows recommends only using lighter / natural lacquer finishes with this timber.