True Windows

Information Needed to Prepare a Price

In order to prepare a price for your project we need the size of the openings in your building and an idea of the design you are hoping to achieve with your glazing.

If you are undertaking a new build, you will probably have a set of architects or construction drawings. If you forward these to us, along with any other design references you may have, we will be delighted to prepare a price based on these.

Should you be seeking to refurbish an existing property you may not have drawings. In this case we suggest you photograph each elevation of the house and forward these photographs to us along with a approximate measurement of each window you wish to replace. In order to assist you with this please feel free to print out our measuring guide and use our measurement sheet to collate the measurements.

Once we have received your information we will forward you a client number which will be your reference for any dealings you have with True Windows on the project concerned.

We endeavour to prepare a quotation for each client within ten working days, and are pleased to say we often manage this in less than half of this time. Should you need to make a decision urgently please inform us of this and, where possible, we will ‘fast-track’ your pricing. However we sincerely request that our clients only request this 'fast-track' service if really required.