True Windows

Receiving Your Quote

When you receive our tender for your project you will find it contains a covering letter, a full quotation and an options calculator.

The covering letter will give you general information about our pricing, service, etc, please take the time to read through this as there maybe some information pertinent to your type of project.

In the quotation you will that each item is displayed and priced individually. There will be a drawing for each item and a list of the technical components.

In case you are unsure how to read this information please see our example below.

Please follow the link to see a full sample quotation.

NOTE: All prices quoted in this sample are for example purposes only and are NOT an indication of the actual price of the items shown.

The Options Calculator gives you a list of various options and extras that are possible from True Windows. It will allow you to work out a price for your project in any timber, with Aluclad, etc. The Calculator is easy to use but should you need assistance then please do not hesitate to call our office and we can work through it with you.