True Windows


Windows of our time are made of timber

Each window we supply is made up from a number of different elements, we trust that this section will give you a better understanding of the benefits and the limits of the various components.

1. Triple-laminated pine, meranti or oak timber with a combined thickness of 68 mm

2. Prior to the mounting of the metal fittings the wood profile is coated with an environmentally friendly protective coating. The evenly applied colour coating has a dry layer thickness of at least 150 aųm.

3. Thermal insulation glazing made of 2x4 mm FLOAT glass and 16 mm air space.

4. Permanently elastic sealant all-around on both sides

5. Double all-around sealant

6. Profile shaping in accordance with DIN 68121, double continuous fold

7. Aluminium drip moulding, anodised in various colours

8. Concealed single-hand turn/tilt fitting, adjustable scissor, side- and height-adjustable corner bearing up to 130 kg